Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines & Content Standards

In order to keep our platform user friendly and open for everyone, here are some very common yet understandable guidelines for our users that should be followed. In case of violation, account could result in a permanent ban.

We encourage our users to read these guidelines carefully and help us keeping our content viewable for all audience.

Major Categories of content disqualification

Although there is no leniency in copyright takedown policy. We make sure that once the content owner/company/government/individual reported us about the ownership with proofs and request to take it down, we immediately provide our service and make sure to take down that content. Hence, conditions must be review by users


  1. Should be reported to the concerned department.
  2. Does the reporter has proof that he owns the content or representative of the authorities?
  3. Is the video owner verified?
  4. Inspection of a relevant website / Google the authorities / Profile.

Besides, UVideo reserves the right to report any violation of these provisions to applicable legal authorities and You may be personally liable to criminal sanctions applicable to the content in question (fines and imprisonment), in addition to any applicable civil damages. To Protect the Copyright Videos, UVideo team has provided a flagging option under all the videos, which can be used to report videos. This will allow the moderators to intervene and take necessary measure to check and clear the report within 24 hours.

Sexual Content

Anything which is porn which shows either part of the human body such as Breast of women, Genitals of either gender in an erotic manner will be considered as sexual content. Videos containing fetish content will be removed. In other cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating will not be allowed as well.

If anyone sees such sexual content can report the support team directly or generate a ticket. Sexually categorical content presenting minors and content that sexually abuses minors is not allowed. Here for more clearance, we have some words for user’s understandings To sexual content. What is sexual content? Any video that contains the following.

  1. Pornography.
  2. Depicting sexual acts.
  3. Genitals.
  4. Fetishes for sexual gratification.
  5. Something similar to above.

Please note that this is not a complete list, to get more information you can contact our support team.


There are some conditions in which we can review and reconsider the content.

  1. Content is a music video.
  2. Content has any educational related material such as Medical related.
  3. Content is a commercial advertisement.

To ensure the quality of good content it is informed to each user that before creating account kindly read it properly.


When it comes to the collection of personal information from children under the age of 13 years old, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) puts parents in control. The Federal Trade Commission, United States' consumer protection agency, enforces the COPPA Rule, which spells out what operators of websites and online services must do to protect children's privacy and safety online. We do not specifically market to children under the age of 13 years old. Hence, Content that compromises the emotional and physical well-being of minors is not allowed. Other than this there are few terms for more understanding.

  1. Child Pornography
  2. Bullying and harassment to minors.
  3. Harmful or dangerous acts.
  4. Sexualization
  5. Explosive and weapons.
  6. Dangerous stunts.
  7. Other activities involve danger for minors under 13.

Privacy Violation

We respect the privacy of any individual/company and always support to take down content if found inappropriate. If any individual/company found posted their content they can directly contact the uploader. Other than this, the owner can simply report us and we will take action according to our privacy policy.

We encourage owners and companies to double-check our privacy policy and then report us. If someone has posted your personal information or uploaded a video of you without your consent you can contact our support team to report.

Violent, Gore and Blood

It is always shocking and disgusting to watch violent and Gore content. Content which has too much blood, Gore and Violence such as the killing of a living thing brutally will be taken down as soon as it is reported.

If it matches any of the descriptions mentioned below, do not post content.

  1. Encouraging others to commit acts of violence against individuals or a specified group of people.
  2. The footage, audio or images of road accidents, natural disasters, the aftermath of the war, street battles, physical attacks, sexual assaults, immolation, torture, bodies, demonstrations, etc.
  3. Suicide videos, Beating minors and majors other than authorized by WWE and other professionals.
  4. Playground fights between minors.

Exceptions but with Caution,

Videos of animals in a ritual slaughter context showing dismemberment, or visible innards, or charring and burning.

Such content might also be limited to specific GEOs

Hateful Content

Videos which promote Anti-religious (Blasphemous), Targeting a particular class, individual or group, Anti-state such, will be taken down immediately. We also discourage content that includes hate about the following.

  1. Age
  2. Caste
  3. Disability
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Gender Identity
  6. Nationality
  7. Race
  8. Immigration status
  9. Religion
  10. Sex/Gender
  11. Sexual Orientation
  12. Victims of a major violent event
  13. Threats and Harassment
  14. HATE SPEECH including hate words.

This is not the only list related to anti-religious and hate speech. Our team is continuously analyzing content and they have the authority to take down if found content against our community guidelines.

Criminal Behavior

  1. Violence and Incitement

    Content that contains direct violence or Encourage others to commit any type of crime. Individuals or companies are not allowed to spread messages and content regarding any criminal behavior including minor or major. Any content provoking other users to create violence, harm to individuals, and incitement will be immediately take down and user will get ban. Following content should not be posted on

    • Calls for violence and mass killing.
    • Threatening any religion, community, state, race.
    • Statements advocating violence.
    • Manipulating someone’s image.
    • Inspiring others about violence and crime.
    • Providing Instructions on explosive material (until the content is clear that it is not for harmful purpose but education only)
    • Misinformation that leads toward violence.
    • Call to action for violence in election campaigns and polling.
  2. Dangerous Individual and Organizations

    Sadly, there are some organizations and communities that are totally indulge into dangerous activities. Their sole mission is to create chaos and threatening environment around the world. We discourage such organization and behaviors and for that reason the following content is prohibited on

    • Terrorist Activity:

      Any non-governmental organization that engages in planned acts of violence against persons or property to intimidate a civilian population, government, or international organization in order to achieve a political, religious, self gratification, or ideological aim.

    • Organized Hate

      Any organization that is indulged into creating hate and organized under a name, sign, or symbol and that has an ideology, statements, or physical actions that attack individuals based on characteristics, including race, religious affiliation, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, serious disease or disability.

    • Mass or Serial Murder

      A homicide that conduct mass killing from four and above number of people. Individual who has committed two or more murders over multiple incidents or locations a serial murderer. These are the general information about mass or serial killing. Content killing to any above condition will be taken down.

    • Human Trafficking

      Organization or Group of people that are engaged into prostitution of others, forced/bonded labor, slavery, or the removal of organs.Recruiting, transporting, transferring, detaining, providing, harboring, or receiving a minor, or an adult against their will

    • Organized Violence or Criminal Activity

      Any organization, a group of people or individual involved into criminal activities like homicide, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, identity theft, money laundering, extortion or trafficking, assault, kidnapping, sexual exploitation. Any symbol, image, or thumbnail associating with such organizations are also prohibited.

      Other than the above list we also discourage leaders and groups who directly or indirectly provoke masses for unethical activities.

  3. Promoting Crime

    Any video content that promote or provoke any individual to commit any minor or major crime is prohibited. Following content is against our content standards and will immediately taken down.

    • Theft
    • Fraud
    • Selling endangered species
    • Sexual assault and sexual voilence.
    • Vandalism or property damage.
    • Physical harm against individuals or group of people.
    • Physical harm committed against animals except in cases of hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice, or food

    As we all are aware that war and violence can never lead toward prosperity. To ensure the peace all around the world we make sure that contains zero violent content. We also need the user’s cooperation in this matter. Before making an account on kindly make sure that any kind of violent content will immediately take down without any warning. Our team will also ban the channel. There will be no leverage in this step so avoid harmful and violent content.

  4. Coordinating Harm

    Any organization/ individual/ group of people that are involved in coordinating harmful products and weapons will be banned. Any business that can draw attention towards harmful material is prohibited. This may also include the following statements, call to actions and advocacy.

    • Vandalism/property damage
    • Swatting
    • Fraud, defined as the deliberate deception to take advantage of another, secure an unfair gain, or deprive another of money, property, or legal rights.
    • Bribery
    • Embezzlement
    • Money Laundering (concealment of the origins of criminally obtained money) Supporting and/or facilitating the misuse of payment cards
    • Arranged/forced marriages with refugees or internally displaced persons.
    • Offers of services to smuggle or assist in smuggling people.

    Content uploaded in above context will be taken down and user will get banned. Content with no captions, suspicious thumbnails or suspicious caption will also taken down.


We highly discourage threatening content. Our core message is to spread information in meaningful form through video content. This is the reason that if any user that will post content which threatens someone’s privacy, personal life or any other information will immediately takedown. After the complaint reports by the user that is threatened by other users, our team will ban the account within 24 hours. Threatening may include the following conditions.

  1. Content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about another person.
  2. Content frightening specific individuals with physical harm or destruction of property.
  3. Content featuring abusive or threatening behavior directed at a minor.
  4. Sexualizing or degrading an individual.
  5. Content claiming that specific victims of public violent incidents, or that their experiences are false.
  6. Content that is intentionally posted to humiliate someone.
  7. Threatening someone’s safety.
  8. Bullying & Harassment
  9. Uploading an individual’s nonpublic personal identifying information.

Please note that these threatening content will take down once it will be reported to our support department.


Do not post content on if it matches any of the following instructions.

  1. Any video with irrelevant title, excessively posted, repetitive or untargeted content that performs or promises customers to see something, but directs them off-site instead.
  2. Using the names, thumbnails, description or tags to trick users to believe the content is something it is not
  3. Promoting fake products, Doing phishing or asking people to pay or Distributing Pirated content. Will be taken down on the report. Its Md5 Hash will be blacklisted to prevent future uploads.
  4. Comments where the sole aim is to collect user private data, misleadingly or execute any of the above mentioned forbidden behaviors.

You are allowed to encourage viewers to do things such as subscribe, hit the like button, share or leave a comment.

False News

We are working to build a more informed community and reduce the spread of false news in a number of different ways, namely by
  • Disrupting economic incentives for people, Pages, and domains that propagate misinformation
  • Using various signals, including feedback from our community, to inform a machine learning model that predicts which stories may be false
  • Reducing the distribution of content rated as false by independent third-party fact-checkers
  • Empowering people to decide for themselves what to read, trust, and share by informing them with more context and promoting news literacy
  • Collaborating with academics and other organizations to help solve this challenging issue


Content that

  • Attempts to buy, sell, trade, donate, gift or solicit firearms, firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, or lethal enhancements between private individuals, unless posted by a real brick-and-mortar store, legitimate website, brand or government agency (e.g. police department, fire department)
  • Provides access to 3D printing or computer aided manufacturing instructions for firearms or firearms parts even when posted by brick and mortar stores, brands and legitimate websites.

Alcohol / Tobacco

Content that attempts to buy, sell, trade, donate or gift alcohol or tobacco products between private individuals, and is not posted by a Page, Group, or Instagram Profile representing a real brick and mortar store, legitimate website or brand

Non-medical drugs

Content that
  • Attempts to buy, sell, trade, donate, gift, or solicit non-medical drugs
  • Admits to buying or trading non-medical drugs by the poster of the content by themselves or through others
  • Admits to personal use without acknowledgment of or reference to recovery, treatment, or other assistance to combat usage
  • Promotes, encourages, coordinates or provides instructions for use or make of non-medical drugs

Suicide and Self-Injury

In an effort to promote a safe environment on UVideo, we remove content that encourages suicide or self-injury, including certain graphic imagery and real-time depictions that experts tell us might lead others to engage in similar behavior. Self-injury is defined as the intentional and direct injuring of the body, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. We want UVideo to be a space where people can share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues, and seek support from one another, which is why we allow people to discuss suicide and self-injury.

We work with organizations around the world to provide assistance to people in distress. We also talk to experts in suicide and self-injury to help inform our policies and enforcement. For example, we have been advised by experts that we should not remove live videos of self-injury while there is an opportunity for loved ones and authorities to provide help or resources.

In contrast, we remove any content that identifies and negatively targets victims or survivors of self-injury or suicide seriously, humorously, or rhetorically.

Stand with us to keep the quality of content strong

For us, every voice counts. We believe in Freedom of speech but keeping in mind that it does not harm others. To make this platform even more strong we will be in need of your constant support. When you find any inappropriate content, report it to our support team by clicking on Report/Flag button.

Avoid any direct comments or offense on the users.